part cannabis launch pad.

part cannabis accelerator.

a canna-launcherator, if you will.

our sales accelerator consists of 6 components that can be activated separately or together for exponential growth.

Sales and Distribution

We have an elite sales team in California that knows every inch of every market and has close, longstanding relationships with store owners and budtenders. We also have an exclusive distribution partnership with Nabis, the largest licensed wholesaling platform in California. That means rapid fulfillment, low-cost financing, efficient order management, and the advanced analytics you need to scale more efficiently.

Marketing and Retail Support

A.P. Keaton is our founding creative partner, writing trade and shopper communications, designing and making store displays, merchandising, launching campaigns, running the spectrum of digital marketing, planning and hosting events, and bringing new products to market.

Field Marketing and Trade Engagement

Budtenders are critical to the success of any cannabis brand. Our Field Team covers the whole state and uses live events, sampling, gifting, trade engagement, and online modules to make sure budtenders not only understand your product but also love your brand.

Delivery Platform

Having one is essential to succeed in California. We can set you up and then give you the controls, or continue to manage it for you.

Expansion into New Markets

Federal regulations on top of state regulations makes becoming a multi-state operator is very tricky. We can build the network you need to enter as many markets as is practical. We can also help you raise capital.


We know the laws and regulations backwards and forwards - perhaps better than they know themselves. We can help you reach your growth and expansion goals without getting tripped up in red tape.

pilot by Petalfast is our launch platform for exceptionally promising brands that are still in the very early stages of development.

Our Pilot launch platform helps up-and-coming brands gain access to the market and benefit from our retailer relationships.

In addition to our deep expertise in branding, marketing, and product management, brands in our Pilot program will have regular meetings with retailers so they can ask questions, offer samples and demos, and get real-time feedback on product quality, experience, pricing, and market viability.

This program is also a great way to connect with future retail partners and lock in operational efficiencies.

The all-stars from our Pilot program also secure future invitations to our sales accelerator.

our clients get phenomenal distribution through our wholesale partner, Nabis.

Nabis is a fully-licensed cannabis wholesale platform that distributes product to all of California’s 1,200 dispensaries and delivery services. Together, we handle all of your orders, manage your inventory, and keep you up-to-date with detailed, custom pull reports.

want to drive sales?

connect directly with consumers.

If you want to see real growth for your brand, you have to engage consumers at retail and beyond. With a statewide Field and Trade Marketing team, and a deep background in experiential activations, we bring your brand to life across the following touch points:

  • In-store demos
  • Vendor marts and events
  • Budtender trainings and staff samples
  • Retail staff appreciation (swag gifting, meal drops, etc.)
  • Budtender incentive programs
  • Custom brand programs

In addition, we assist with new account onboarding, something many brands struggle with. As our sales team sells-in, all new accounts are activated by our field team, quickly launching the brand in-store with the staff and customers. Faster onboarding means faster sales.

Not part of our accelerator or launch programs? No problem. All of the above services are available ala cart to brands operating in California. The only difference is you book the programs and handle product reorders - we do the rest. Reach out to develop a custom program that works for your brand.

we help handle your legal and compliance issues.

  • State regulatory agencies including BCC, Food & Ag, and Public Health
  • Local ordinances
  • Distribution and retail contracts
  • Product liability issues
  • Securities regulations
  • Representations, warranties, and indemnity provisions
  • Guidance for standard operating procedures
  • Financial, inventory, and security audits

A.P. Keaton is our creative partner for handling all of your branding, marketing, and creative needs.

The strength of the Petalfast sales team is multiplied exponentially when combined with A.P. Keaton’s retail and production expertise, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Merchandising, graphics, and POS displays
  • Branding and package design
  • Budtender training materials and incentive programs
  • Designing and producing branded swag and merch
  • Digital marketing and social content
  • Out-of-home and guerilla marketing
  • Custom brand activations

and now for some shameless name-dropping.

Artet Cannabis Brand
Bloom Cannabis Brand
Emerald Sky Best Cannabis Brand
ErrlHill Best Cannabis Brand
Humo Best Cannabis Brand
Official JAM Logo (1)
Kuda Cannabis Brand
LEGION Logo White
Pamos Cannabis Brand
Pilgrim Soul Cannabis Brand
Slimmies Cannabis Brand
Space Coyote Cannabis Brand
Yada Yada Cannabis Brand


jason vegotsky



• Revenue growth and
  business expansion
• Executive leadership
• Corporate and consumer sales
• Cannabis market trends
• Business development
• Operations and process


• Chief Revenue Officer & President 
  of KushCo Holdings
• President of Kush Supply Co.
• Board Member at MediaJel
• Co-founder of Summit    
  Innovation Gas
• Bachelor of Arts in Economics
  from Bucknell University

arun kurichety



• Corporate governance
• Regulatory compliance
• Mergers and acquisitions
• Corporate structuring and
• Private equity
• Intellectual property law
• Securities filings


• Executive Vice President and
  General Counsel at KushCo
• Attorney at Kirkland & Ellis LLP
• General Counsel for Guild
• Doctor of Law from Washington
  University in St. Louis
• Bachelor of Arts in Government
  from Harvard University

jeana ceglia



• Brand development
• Corporate business operations
• Marketing strategy
• Project management
• Operations
• Small business start-ups
• PR and communications
• HR and change management


• Director of Executive Relations at
  KushCo Holdings
• Founder of Hello Hapa
• Food and Beverage Operations and
  Corporate Management Program at
  Hyatt Hotels Corporation
•Event and Social Media Marketing
  at San Francisco Giants and 49ers

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