Petalfast Grows the Portfolio with the Addition of Pilgrim Soul Creative

The Los Angeles-based company joins Petalfast accelerator program to supercharge growth across California

Irvine, Calif. (December 21, 2021)– Petalfast Inc., a full-spectrum sales accelerator and marketing agency for the cannabis industry, today announces the addition of Los Angeles-based cannabis brand Pilgrim Soul to its growing sales accelerator portfolio.

Founded in 2019 by CEO Shawn Gold, Pilgrim Soul focuses on channeling human creativity to gain a competitive edge. Working side-by-side with chemists and researchers, and recognizing that cannabis enhances one’s imagination, Pilgrim Soul creates exclusive cannabis oil blends that inspire users to harness their creative energy. From there, they enhance the value of their products with expert content, and community programs, and their best selling Creative Thinking Journals.

Being the first cannabis brand focused on creative performance, Pilgrim Soul is a gift to consumers channeling both possibilities and potential to a consumer’s creative core. With disposable vape pens ranging from “Creative Awareness,” “Creative Imagination,” “Creative Focus,” and “Creative Reflection,” Pilgrim Soul prides themselves on analyzing hundreds of cannabis strains that blend for a specific creative impact. In addition to vape pens, Pilgrim Soul also offers “Creative Thinking Journals” that are filled with over 50 creative thinking exercises that are borrowed from proven brainstorming, ideation, and innovation techniques across art, design business, and science. The journals have been featured in gift guides in both Goop and High Times.

“The symbiotic relationship between creativity and cannabis go together,” said Petalfast CEO Jason Vegotsky. “Pilgrim Soul tapping into every individual’s creative core harkens back to the days of sitting in elementary school and having the teacher ask how many of you are an artist? Everything Shawn and Pilgrim Soul are doing exemplifies why they are in perfect alignment in joining Petalfast accelerator program.”

“We are thrilled to be working with the team at Petalfast to represent our brand in the marketplace, said Shawn Gold, Founder and CEO of Pilgrim Soul, “They are a professional and comprehensive solution for an emerging brand that is vertically focused like Pilgrim Soul. There are so many creative people on the team.”

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