Petalfast Welcomes Kuda and GoldDrop Cannabis Brands

First-Of-Its-Kind Full-Spectrum Cannabis Sales and Marketing Agency 
Adds Two Unique Brands to Diverse Portfolio

Irvine, Calif. (May 11, 2021) – Petalfast Inc. today announces the addition of two brands to its accelerator platform: KUDA and GoldDrop.

Since its founding as the first-of-its-kind full spectrum sales and marketing agency for the cannabis industry, Petalfast has built a diverse portfolio of brands, highlighting the creative product offerings available in the cannabis space while helping those brands build greater success. The accelerator portfolio approach is a key differentiator for Petalfast, significantly changing the way a cannabis brand can launch, scale, and establish itself in the market.

GoldDrop is an Oakland-based cannabis company offering a diverse, comprehensive menu of premium cannabis products to customers in the state of California. GoldDrop has been at the forefront of innovation including the creation of the first distillate cart and the first distillate cart with cannabis derived terpenes. The brand has received 130 awards in the world since its establishment in 2014. Carrying on with the legacy of innovation, GoldDrop has introduced their line of liquid diamond carts, as well as a full line of hydrocarbon concentrates that built their brand.

“We are proud to welcome two new unique brands that are so passionate bringing the highest quality cannabis products to the people of California,” said Petalfast CEO Jason Vegotsky. “We believe in brands that find the right mix of quality cannabis at a price consumers really embrace.”

KUDA is a California-based cannabis brand that strives to achieve the highest standards of cannabis with a focus on their signature pre-roll. Growing alongside the ever-evolving cannabis industry, Ku-da aims to inspire celebration of the moment. Based out of Humboldt County, KUDA is affordably providing exceptional mixed light cannabis, grown with passion using organic and biological methods. With an emphasis on terpene farming, Kuda’s mission is to provide a complex and robust flavor profile with unrivaled entourage effects.

“Both of these brands have their own unique story to tell and are truly pioneers in their respective product focuses,” added Petalfast CMO Ryan Goldstein. “Both KUDA and GoldDrop are on their way to becoming industry staples and we’re thrilled to help them in the process and take their brands to the next level.”

Petalfast’s founders, CEO Jason Vegotsky and COO/general counsel Arun Kurichety, are both former executives of KushCo Holdings, Inc. (OTCQX:KSHB), the premier provider of ancillary products and services to the legal-cannabis and CBD industries. Following an acquisition of the cannabis division of marketing agency A.P. Keaton, the Petalfast marketing team is led by CMO Goldstein, who also continues on as CEO of A.P. Keaton.

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About Petalfast
Petalfast is the first-of-its-kind full spectrum sales and marketing agency for the cannabis industry. Petalfast helps cannabis brands achieve rapid growth via its go-to-market accelerator program in California, and through its full spectrum of agency services available to brands nationally. The nota-ble cannabis brands already engaged in the Petalfast platform include Wana Brands, Smarty Plants, Artet, MyHi, Moxie, and Space Coyote.
About GoldDrop
GoldDrop is an Oakland based cannabis company. With more than 130 industry awards, GoldDrop is setting the highest industry standards in quality, dedication, and customer satisfaction. Their premium diamond sauce carts and dabbable products are translucent, high in potency, and rich in cannabinoids. GoldDrop’s products are cryo-filtered and tripled distilled combining temperature and pressure resulting in a product free from residual solvents and inactive compounds. They by-pass all plant matter and carcinogens leaving only pure cannabis.
About KUDA 
Grown in the mountains of Northern California, Kuda products are handled with love, respect and care.  The brand farms with biodynamic, organic soil under the rays of our blessed sun. They slow cure their flower to ensure maximum terpene preservation and package fresh to guarantee the end user gets an olfactory kick.  To use cannabis is the holy grail of plants, providing mankind with much needed medicine for the body, heart, mind and soul.