Petalfast Welcomes Moxie to its Cannabis Sales & Marketing Accelerator

Leading California-based cannabis concentrate maker MOXIE™ seeks to supercharge its growth by partnering with the industry’s first-of-its-kind sales accelerator & marketing agency 

Irvine, CA (November 18, 2020) — Petalfast, Inc. today announces the addition of MOXIE™ to its growing portfolio of cannabis clients. The first-of-its-kind full spectrum sales accelerator and marketing agency for the cannabis industry, Petalfast blends decades of experience in adult beverages, consumer packaged goods and cannabis to deliver sales and marketing solutions to established and up-and-coming cannabis brands in California and beyond.

As a pioneer and market leader in creating high-quality medical and recreational cannabis products, MOXIE™ is perfectly positioned to benefit from partnering with Petalfast. In 2015, the company was granted California’s first recreational-cannabis distribution license, and now its range of products is available in four states. With a library of hundreds of strains processed under strict safety standards using pharmaceutical-grade equipment, MOXIE™’s concentrates and related products focus on quality and consistency.

MOXIE™ joins a number of notable cannabis brands in Petalfast’s accelerator platform, including Space Coyote, Big Pete’s Treats, Besito, Philter and The Root of It All. Brands in the accelerator will benefit from the branding, sales, marketing and distribution expertise on the Petalfast team, which includes a dedicated and experienced statewide sales force, and access to its preferred distribution provider, HERBL, California’s largest cannabis distributor.

“As an early innovator in cannabis, MOXIE™ has built a name for itself in this fledgling industry,” says Petalfast CEO Jason Vegotsky. “We’re looking forward to helping Moxie continue to grow and scale everywhere that cannabis is legal to consume.”

“At MOXIE™, it has always been our vision is to create safe, sustainable cannabis that is accessible to everyone. We believe cannabis is not exclusive but inclusive, and that is why we have carefully curated a portfolio that includes the highest quality cannabis at all price points,” says MOXIE™ CMO Tessa Adams. “With Petalfast, we believe we can expand our market presence and most importantly allow new consumers to experience the world of MOXIE™ across California.”

Petalfast’s founders, CEO Vegotsky and COO/GC Arun Kurichety, are both former executives at KushCo Holdings, Inc. (OTCQX:KSHB), the premier provider of ancillary products and services to the legal-cannabis and CBD industries. Following an acquisition of the cannabis division of marketing agency A.P. Keaton, the Petalfast marketing team is led by CMO Ryan Goldstein, who also continues as CEO of A.P. Keaton.

Vegotsky began his career in distilled spirits, learning that industry’s unique go-to-market model before moving on to leadership roles in the food, and eventually cannabis, industries. “In many ways, the cannabis industry has been a ‘Wild West’ of sorts, with entrepreneurs and innovators who are developing really great products but who are then challenged figuring out how to get them to customers successfully,” he says. “We built Petalfast to help brands go to and through the market to achieve long-term success.”

The accelerator portfolio approach is a key differentiator for Petalfast, significantly changing the way a cannabis brand can launch, scale and establish itself in the market. This approach pulls together the best go-to-market practices from the highly regulated alcoholic beverages and natural foods markets into a structure that provides individual brands access to greater resources, talent and relationships than they would ever have on their own.

“Petalfast represents the future for cannabis sales and marketing,” says CMO Ryan Goldstein, “and Moxie represents the future for cannabis products and manufacturing. Together, we’re a perfect fit.”

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Jeana Ceglia, Chief of Staff

About Petalfast

Petalfast is the first-of-its-kind full spectrum sales and marketing agency for the cannabis industry. Petalfast helps cannabis brands achieve rapid growth via its go-to-market accelerator program in California, and through its full spectrum of agency services available to brands nationally. The notable cannabis brands already engaged in the Petalfast platform include Moxie, Space Coyote, Big Pete’s Treats, Philter, The Root of It All and Weed.

About MOXIE™

MOXIE™ has developed award-winning brands and a loyal customer base by producing high-quality and consistent cannabis concentrates and related products across multiple markets, including California, Nevada, Arizona, and Pennsylvania. By using pharmaceutical grade technology and strict safety standards in their cultivation facilities and with a library consisting of hundreds of strains, Moxie provides customers with high-quality recreational and medical cannabis products.

Moxie is recognized by its peers in cannabis, winning close to 100 industry awards over the years, including Brand of the Year at the 2018 California Cannabis Association Awards. Jordan Lams was named 100 Most Influential People In Cannabis by High Times two years running, Top 100 Cannabis Leaders 2018 by Entrepreneur Magazine and is a member of the Forbes Business Council.