PUREXTRACTS Joins Petalfast Cannabis Sales & Marketing Portfolio

Sustainable cannabis-oil pioneer seeks to supercharge the growth of its new premium vape brand by partnering with the cannabis industry’s first-of-its-kind sales & marketing organization

Irvine, Calif. (February 22, 2021) – Petalfast Inc. today announces the addition of PUREXTRACTS to its growing portfolio of cannabis clients. PUREXTRACTS is a California-based innovator in cannabis concentrates, with two consumer vape brands on the market: Preserve and P2. Petalfast, a full-spectrum sales accelerator and marketing agency for the cannabis industry, blends decades of experience in adult beverages, consumer packaged goods and cannabis to deliver sales and marketing solutions to established and up-and-coming cannabis brands in California and beyond.

Founded in 2011, PUREXTRACTS has a reputation for innovation in cannabis concentrates. In its first year, the company introduced the first branded, strain-specific cannabis wax on the cannabis market. And in 2017, after three years of research and development, it launched P2, the first CCELL cartridge available in California. P2 combines premium cannabis oil with true-to-strain formulations of up to 60 terpenes for 16 different premium varieties. Newly launched in April 2020, Preserve is PUREXTRACTS’ latest brand, a set of cured resin cartridges made with single-origin oil from cannabis that’s been dried and cured before extraction, for the purest true-to-flower experience possible.

“All of our products are guided by our commitment to quality, consistency, sustainability, and accessibility,” says PUREXTRACTS founder and CEO Adam Yader, who has more than 20 years’ experience in the cannabis business. “We source from preferred farms who grow responsibly and produce exceptional cannabis, then we extract and purify it using industry-leading processes and premium hardware. We’ve collaborated with leading sustainable-hemp packing companies to develop the most biodegradable packaging solutions possible, and then we price our products fairly to make the positive effects of cannabis accessible to everyone. That’s the way we do it, because that’s the way it should be.”

PUREXTRACTS joins a number of notable cannabis brands in Petalfast’s accelerator platform, including Moxie, Wana Brands, Space Coyote, Smarty Plants, Big Pete’s Treats, Besito, Artet and Philter Labs. Brands in the accelerator will benefit from the branding, sales, marketing and distribution expertise on the Petalfast team, which includes a dedicated and experienced statewide sales force.

“We love that PUREXTRACTS is trying to, well, preserve the full experience of smoking flower in a vape cartridge with Preserve,” says Petalfast CEO Jason Vegotsky, “and we also love its commitment to the environment.” Preserve cartridges come in child resistant tubes made of hemp-based renewable bioplastic, packed in paper boxes made from hemp and post-consumer recycled waste, printed with plant-based inks.

“Navigating the vape market can be tough for consumers,” says Ryan Goldstein, CMO of Petalfast. “There are so many options, and it can be difficult to know what you’re getting. PUREXTRACTS has an amazing product line with years of consistency and name recognition behind it. We see huge potential for it in this market, and working with PUREXTRACTS will further strengthen our already robust portfolio of concentrate offerings.”

Petalfast’s founders, CEO Vegotsky and COO/General Counsel Arun Kurichety, are both former executives of KushCo Holdings, Inc. (OTCQX:KSHB), the premier provider of ancillary products and services to the legal-cannabis and CBD industries. Following an acquisition of the cannabis division of marketing agency A.P. Keaton, the Petalfast marketing team is led by CMO Goldstein, who also continues on as CEO of A.P. Keaton.

For additional information, please visit petalfast.com and pxvape.com.


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Petalfast is the first-of-its-kind full-spectrum sales and marketing agency for the cannabis industry. Petalfast helps cannabis brands achieve rapid growth via its go-to-market accelerator program in California, and through its full spectrum of agency services available to brands nationally. The notable cannabis brands already engaged in the Petalfast platform include Moxie, Wana Brands, Space Coyote, Big Pete’s Treats, Besito, and Philter Labs.


Founded in 2011, PUREXTRACTS has a reputation for innovation in cannabis concentrates. Its consumer brands include P2 vape cartridges made from premium cannabis oil and true-to-strain blends of up to 60 terpenes, and Preserve, a set of cured resin cartridges made with single-origin oil from cannabis that’s been dried and cured before extraction for the purest true-to-flower experience possible. PUREXTRACTS is dedicated to preserving the Earth, and committed to quality, consistency, sustainability and accessibility.